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Higher Self God Readings


I offer higher self readings which connect you from your current human reality to the higher truth of your being. I can shed light on all of your lifetimes on earth and what you have learned so far, and what you are still expected to do. I can provide exceptional clarity into your life purpose and situation and help you transcend any remaining karma quickly and accurately .

Please be aware that I will see everything about your current lifetime. Some things may be highly personal and uncomfortable. Most situations in life are, however I remain nonjudgmental and neutral in my approach to what I see. I do not connect to the lower human condition more than the higher nature of the spirit. I see things from a higher perspective. But its important that all situations be addressed in order for soul evolution to progress rapidly, especially during these times; this is what makes my readings different from others.

If interested it costs 40$ per reading. Please email me your details to

I look forward to helping you eliminate what is no longer beneficial in your life.


2016 Presidential Election – Astrology Prediction

Astrological proof Donald Trump will Win the 2016 Presidential Election.

Yes, its true, and its all in the stars. Astrology can tell us anything, and I couldn’t resist looking at the chart for November 8th 2016 to see what is going to unfold. Would it be good for Trump or for Hillary? Lets find out.

Donald Trump was born on a Lunar Eclipse on Gemini/Sagittarius axis. Being born on a eclipse signifies that you are an extremely powerful soul. An eclipse is a portal opening of specific energy, and being born during one means that the soul needed this energy to be able to manifest a personality in human form. Trump also has his ascendant exactly conjunct the most regal of all stars Regulus at 29 Leo. Thus further validating his strong personality.

Jupiter has just entered Libra, and Trump has natal Jupiter in Libra. One thing to keep in mind is that during a Jupiter return, beautiful things happen to us; luck, expansion, windfalls, winning presidential elections.. etc.! Libra represents divine justice, balance, and harmony. These are the qualities needed to counteract the injustices we have been witnessing from Hillary.

So Jupiter in Libra is clue number one.

The second sign I see is that transit Mercury will be at 24 Scorpio on November 8th, exactly conjunct Trump’s IC and exactly trining  his Venus/Saturn conjunction in Cancer. This is another strong sign of his victory. He will be on the receiving end of the most positive news which will be based on Saturn’s stable  long term influence. Could this be him realizing he will have a new commitment for the next 4 years? It could be since his natal IC (the personal home life) is activated for all to see.

Then we have transit Venus at 26 Sagittarius, trine Trumps Asc and Mars in Leo, and widely conjunct his Natal lunar Full moon opposition. This shows a gift being bestowed upon him from Venus in the form of Sagittarius energy and Sag rules ninth house of law and politics.

He has Sun, Uranus, and NN conjunct in Gemini trine his Natal Jupiter in Libra. Again, his Gemini conjunction falls into the 10th house of fame, and he is having a Jupiter return. Its clear his public personality will be exalted to a new level.

Transit Saturn is approaching a conjunction to his Natal Moon, but for him this will be positive because he has natal Jupiter in harmonious aspect to his Sun/Uranus/Moon/NN. This shows a strong commitment to wanting to be president, and he will begin feeling the responsibility of his choice.

For Clinton, she will have transit Saturn squaring her Moon, red flag number one. Transit Saturn square Moon is an awful time. We feel rejected and let down, and its heavy and lasts the entire transit.

Before the night closes, we see Mars entering 0 Aquarius. This is highly important and shows a shift in energy. The feeling is going to be very light yet people are going to feel this is the beginning of a beautiful new day! It will feel like a huge relief and that finally the light has been unleashed in our country. Truly a time of rejoice.

How does Mars in Aquarius aspect each candidates chart? Quite well for Trump, except an opposition to his natal Pluto; Reflective energy of his new victory which will transform him. However Hillary has personal planets in Scorpio, namely Sun, Mercury, and Venus. So Mars in Aquarius will not be positive for her as Squares are negative energy. She will feel deeply unhappy and in emotional turmoil because the light won over evil.

Transit Aries will be sextile Trump’s Sun and Trine his Moon. A very positive sign for him signifying radical change that is welcomed. Another strong clue.

Transit Sun will be at 17 Scorpio, squaring Hillary’s stellium of Saturn, Pluto, and Mars in Leo. This is highly charged energy that is activating her natal Leo and Scorpio squares. A power struggle is indicated and a resistance to let go.

All in all, I see a clear victory in the stars for Trump. There is too much astrological proof reflected above and I clearly declare Trump will be chosen on November 8th. This is for certain and an official prediction.


Beauty and the Goddess Asteroid; Aphrodite

A lot of people wonder what makes a person beautiful and appealing in the eyes of the opposite sex. Many believe beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Others feel there is a set standard of beauty that all people should strive toward. I somewhat feel beauty is far too complex to be confined to any one characteristic. However, I mostly feel that there is a set standard of beauty when it comes to human beings as a race. The reason I believe this is because of astrology. Astrology can show us if a person is beautiful or not without ever having looked at their physical appearance. As an example I will use the the model Sean O’Pry. Many people believe this man doesn’t have the ideal features that a man should have. That he is too feminine and women aren’t into that. Well, I hate to disappoint the people with that opinion because the most attractive people are in fact androgynous. The face must be classic with a mixture of masculine and feminine features. To me this is the definition of beauty; a woman who can pass for a man and a man who can pass for a woman. Although.. both would be very beautiful.. they set the standard.

Sean O'Pry, Aphrodite conjunct Sun in Cancer

Sean O’Pry, Aphrodite conjunct Sun in Cancer

Sean O’Pry has Aphrodite (the asteroid) conjunct his Sun and Sirius at 13-14 degrees Cancer. Anyone with Sun conjunct Aphrodite is bound to be extremely appealing. Because the Sun is the Ego and it mixes with the magnetic powers of the beauty and attraction of Aphrodite. His life force and reason for living is to be beautiful before others. His soul chose this to experience this in his current lifetime. With this in mind, Aphrodite represents attraction and beauty in both sexes. If this is so.. that means there is a set standard of beauty. Now, that beauty has different ways of expressing itself. As Sean has Sun in sensitive Cancer so he is very deep and emotional with strong roots to his family and home. Having Sirius conjunct as well just makes him all the more magnetic and special. Sirius and its energy is a huge mystery that I will get into more in the future…

So you see, Aphrodite and her powers of attraction are always apparent in both sexes. You can bet that anyone with Aphrodite aspecting their Sun or Ascendant is very appealing to the eyes of the masses if they were so destined to experience fame. There are a great number of people I can name that have Aphrodite aspecting their Sun or Ascendant: Monica Bellucci, Adriana Lima, Salma Hayek, Natalie Portman, Sophia Loren… and others. And they all have a certain aura; It’s Aphrodite. To be continued…

Monica Bellucci, Aphrodite conjunct Sun in Libra

Monica Bellucci, Aphrodite conjunct Sun in Libra