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Month: March, 2017

Can James Comey be Trusted?


The greatest thing about astrology is that it never lies. If we are truly going to perceive truth while being in a world full of people who are deceptive, we must have knowledge of this system. Its quite sad that today, the collective consciousness rejects astrology as  nonsense. This opinion is the same force responsible for them not acquiring its benefits. As the law states only those who believe and seek will come to know. Astrology is a science, but far greater than any science currently known. If you are satisfied with what material science has shown you, then you will most likely have no interest in astrology. You affirmed energetically you do not desire higher truth. Astrology requires not only mastering the physical dimension, but also the spiritual dimension. It is a system of both the spirit and the material; a spiritual science given to humanity long ago which has stood the test of time. We must begin using this system again, if we are to grow spiritually and scientifically to rise above the negative vibration of lies and deception. Wouldn’t it be great, to live in a world where a lie couldn’t be told? This is the world of astrology.

A perfect example of how astrology can best be productively used in our deceptive society, is to analyze the chart of a person such as FBI director James Comey.



James Comey


James Comey holds a powerful position. He is responsible for bringing criminals to justice. Its important that he be an honest person and uphold the law at all costs. But is James Comey an honest person? Is he being honest when he states that Russia interfered with the election, and that Hillary Clinton didn’t deserve to be prosecuted? According to his chart, he cannot be trusted at all.

The first clue of dishonesty is his Mercury at 10 Sagittarius square Pluto conjunct North Node at 8-10 Virgo. This aspect is very disturbing, because a native with Pluto conjunct the North Node has a powerful destiny. Something very profound and negative is destined to happen to him that will change the world significantly. In this case its negative because his Mercury is square (worst aspect in astrology) which shows he is a pathological liar. Mercury is our throat chakra, and Pluto is transformation, death, and karma. Its negative in its manifestation of karma, if its negatively aspected. This means that Comey is actively deceiving the United States by lying about the facts. This is true because the Ascendant of the United States falls at 12 Sagittarius, exactly hard aspecting his Mercury square Pluto.  And Transit Neptune (planet of deception) is currently at 12 Pisces, exactly square the ascendant of the United States and Comey’s Mercury square Pluto.   He knows he is being deceptive to the country, and the ultimate outcome of his lying is going to be very catastrophic in his lifetime.

His Mars is at 14 Cancer conjunct asteroid Lucifer at 16 Cancer, retrograde. opposite Saturn 17 Capricorn and Jupiter at 10 Capricorn. Anytime I see Lucifer conjunct a personal planet and also making a hard aspect configuration, I see a person who has a deep potential to commit evil. Have you ever wondered why some people commit horrendous crimes, while others do not? Asteroid Lucifer is the reason because it represents evil and our temptation to give in. And when a personal planet is merged with this asteroid, and is also making squares, it becomes very easy to be tempted according to the nature of the planet.  I have seen countless charts of serial killers or evil souls who have this asteroid conjunct and negatively aspecting their personal planets; Jeffrey Dahmer, Barak Obama, Ted Bundy..  I have yet to see a chart that doesn’t.


Jeffrey Dahmer, Sun & Mercury conjunct Lucifer



Ted Bundy, Lucifer square Sun & North Node



Barak Obama, Lucifer conjunct Sun square Neptune


In Comeys case, Lucifer is conjunct Mars in Cancer. Cancer represents children and Mars is sexual energy and force. Mars isn’t very strong in Cancer, it shows a significant weakness Comey has that is related to sex and children, a deformity if you will. He may of even been abused as a child as well. Isn’t it also odd that transit Pluto has been opposing this point in his chart at the same time of his rise to prominence in the current cases he is overseeing?

Not only is Comey’s Mars in Cancer, but it is also retrograde which shows he hides his sexual energy from people. He is hiding very dark secrets that are related to his misuse of sexual energy and children, that is for certain. Could this be why he lies, because he is apart of the secret government, who only allows members who commit crimes with children? And if he were to tell the truth, he would essentially be ruining himself? That seems to be exactly what is happening. The only reason Comey is the director of the FBI, is because he was put their by the shadow government to keep their power in place. He is one of them.

His Mars in Cancer conjunct Lucifer, is going to be activated fully when transit Saturn enters Capricorn next year. Saturn is not going to be easy on him, as it will be opposing his weakly placed and corrupt Mars retrograde. Whatever he has been hiding, Saturn is going to expose fully by the opposition. And Comey’s Saturn is at 17 Capricorn, so he will be enjoying a nice Saturn return, to accompany him for his due karma. An opposition is equivalent to a full moon, where the harvest of whatever seeds were planted manifest in the planets involved. And he has been planting very evil seeds since the beginning of his career.

It’s interesting that Donald Trump has Jupiter at 17 Libra, which I explained previously, is the main reason he won the presidential election. Jupiter in Libra is about Justice. And with his Jupiter squaring Comey’s Mars at 14 Cancer and Saturn 17 Capricorn, its obvious he will be directly involved with bringing him to justice.

Donald Trump


United States


The United States has Sun conjunct fixed star Sirius at 13 Cancer, square Saturn at 14 Libra from the seventh to the tenth house. This is a very powerful combination manifesting in the angular houses showing a fight for justice on the world stage from potential enemies. With Comey’s Mars/Lucifer conjunct the United States Sun in the seventh, it means he is an active enemy of the country. But with Saturn exalted in Libra in the tenth, challenging his Mars in Cancer, its a sure sign of failure to achieve his agenda. In most cases, one would see Sun square Saturn as a negative aspect, which it is. However because the chart belongs to an entire country, it shows the intense battle manifesting between what is right and wrong. One of the most karmic lessons America must learn is about justice and truth, and the fight that comes with it. This will be what makes America the greatest country on earth in the coming years. All will learn that those who oppose righteousness of Gods plan for a pure government will be brought to justice.

But there is more evidence of Comey’s potential for evil, and that is his Moon in Scorpio conjunct Neptune at 10 Scorpio, square Venus at 5 Aquarius. This is extremely dark energy, and I’m not certain he had a good mother in his life. He doesn’t seem to have any empathy for people and likes to deceive. Evil has been imprinted in his DNA since birth. Venus in Aquarius can mean that he is homosexual, and T-Squaring Moon and Neptune in Scorpio means his love life is beyond dark and unusual. He probably abuses his potential lovers, and the situation he finds himself in are anything but normal. Fitting for a child molester. Venus in Aquarius is void of feelings, and Moon conjunct Neptune in Scorpio finds pleasure in deceiving others.

Trump has Pluto at 10 Leo, forming an opposition to Comeys Venus at 5 Aquarius, and T squaring his Moon/Neptune at 10 Scorpio. With his Neptune square Trumps Pluto exact, we can be certain that Comey is deceiving Trump. But I doubt this deception is going to stand long, because Comey’s Venus is negatively aspected, and Trumps Pluto has zero negative aspects. If Comey keeps trying to challenge Trump with deception, he is going to have his life destroyed by his powerful Pluto.

To make matters even worse, Comey has Chiron at 28 Aquarius, exactly conjunct the Moon of the United States at 27 Aquarius. This is forming an opposition to Trumps Ascendant at 29 Leo, and Comey’s Uranus at 25 Leo. His Chiron conjunct Moon of United States means he is bringing a wound to America by lying about the truth. the Truth is directly related to Americas freedom and independence (Aquarius) from corruption. He knows that by lying, he is opposing everything the FBI stands for. He is meant to protect what is right, instead he is protecting what is wrong in his position of power. But what does it mean to Trump’s Mars? Not only is Comey wounding America, but he is wounding Trump as well. However, Trump will be  victorious over his Lies because his Mars in Leo isn’t negatively aspected.

Since our Chiron also shows the wound we endure, Comey is going to acquire a wound from America in return, and its directly connected to the situation above. But I will add the wound he receives is going to come unexpectedly due to Chiron opposite Uranus. And Trump’s Mars conjunct his Uranus means Trump is the one who will bring the unexpected wound into his life.

Since Comey was sworn in as FBI director by Barak Obama on September 4 2013, I would expect to see some negative planetary aspects on this date to support that his entire term is based on corruption. Since the day he was sworn in, he knew specifically what he would be doing as director, and that is working in the interests of the new world order.


comey swearing in

Comey Swearing In, September 4, 2013


On September 4, 2013, there was a new moon at 12 Virgo squaring the United States ascendant at 12 Sagittarius, and activating Comey’s negative Mercury 10 Sagittarius square Pluto at 8-10 Virgo. This new moon represents the new contract he made with the FBI, and the negative aspects it makes to the United States ascendant along with Chiron in opposition, means its foundation is based on wounding. It was a profound experience for Comey, since his Pluto is conjunct the North Node and was activated by this new moon, a synastry aspect equivalent to a lunar eclipse.

Transit Jupiter was at 14 Cancer, exactly conjunct Comey’s Mars at 14 Cancer and Lucifer at 16 Cancer. Jupiter is the planet of luck and expansion. This expansion  occurs according to the nature of the sign and aspects it has. Jupiter gave Barak Obama and Comey the opportunity for their evil advancement (Jupiter conjunct Lucifer) , and it was seen as a success for their overall agenda which is for Comey to protect the interests of the New World Order.

But the most interesting configuration in this chart, is Saturn at 7 Scorpio conjunct the North Node at 10 Scorpio square Mars at 5 Leo. As mentioned Previously, Comey has Moon conjunct Neptune at 10 Scorpio square Venus  at 5 Aquarius. Transit Saturn and North Node is highly karmic and means a huge advancement toward whatever Saturn represents. Saturn in Scorpio is very dark, and the North Node is advancement into the future. Their dark (Scorpio) deceptive (Neptune) agenda was given an opportunity for advancement (North Node) especially because Jupiter in Cancer is trine the North Node.  Comey’s Moon conjunct Neptune in Scorpio was directly influencing this advancement. I might even add that it looks very sexual. Mars is at 5 Leo square his Venus at 5 Aquarius. And Neptune is at 10 Scorpio while Obamas Sun is at 12 Leo. What exactly went on between these two, looks very evil and sexual and for timings sake, I will not expose the situation further than this.

Because of the above tragic information, and because the deception is happening on a mass scale, I hope that in the near future, astrology will begin to be used in a serious and professional manner in situations such as this. Especially in ones where we are being actively and consciously deceived by those who are meant to protect civilization and their best interests. This is the world we live in today, and the avenue for which evil is able to get away with their evil intentions is by hiding their true intentions. If nothing can be hidden, these malicious souls cannot commit crimes and they cannot lie. And all equipped with knowledge of astrology aren’t capable of being deceived because deception is a quality of matter, and astrology is a quality of spirit.  This is an important advancement for humanity. We must stop evil from their attempt at world domination through the deception of humanities good, but naïve hearts.


Be ye as wise as serpents, and as innocent as doves ~ Jesus Christ








Donald Trump’s Powerful Birth Chart

Donald Trump is a very special soul with a divine mission to carry out on the political stage of America. But there are some people who wouldn’t believe that Trump became  President of  America from the goodness of his soul, and instead  became a candidate for selfish reasons. I feel that analyzing his chart would help to clarify these concerns.  His chart has many configurations which show someone who is both powerful but also equipped with a  righteous heart, like he himself claims to have.

donald trump

Birth Chart of Donald Trump

The most powerful thing about his chart is he was born on an exact lunar eclipse on the Sagittarius and Gemini axis. He has Uranus almost conjunct his Sun, giving the eclipse a revolutionary focus. This particular eclipse is about politics and law. Sagittarius is the sign that governs politics while Gemini governs the communication and intelligence of the political structure. Being born on a full moon is important enough, but Trump was born on a lunar eclipse. An event where the North Node (the portal doorway of the earth) is exactly aligned with the Sun/Uranus/Moon. So it’s a full moon, but of much greater effect since the earth’s north node is occupying the same point as the full moon. Not only was he born on a eclipse but his eclipse falls into the powerful 10th/4th house axis. When planets occupy the 10th house of the heavens, it gives the planet power because its at the highest point of the sky or chart. Its similar in nature to a bright light emitting sun shining down upon the earth and all its inhabitants. The eclipse in his chart is declaring ‘I’m here, and there is nothing you can do about it because you cannot touch my power.’ Its true, nobody has been able to defeat Trump… No matter how damaging or vile the attempt may be. And the power manifesting in Trump’s natal eclipse is not a malicious power, because being righteous its precisely why he has any power at all.

In the United States’ birth chart, Mars is at 21 Gemini exactly conjunct Trump’s natal eclipse. This means the contract between Trump and the United States was predetermined before his birth. And since the United States’ energy (Mars) is on his planets, its declaring ‘this is what you were born for’. Trump’s Uranus involved in the configuration was needed because his presidency is anything but normal. But that is the energy of Uranus; not normal but accepted by the people because he is honest. People love Trump because he isn’t afraid to be himself, even if he is strange (Uranus) compared to the established norm. The synastry aspect of Mars conjunct Sun in Gemini between the United States and Trump is activated by transit Saturn in Sagittarius. Again showing timing and a predestined contract between them that nobody will be successful at opposing due to his divine mission.

united states

Birth Chart of United States

He also has Jupiter at 17 Libra in the 2nd house (personal wealth) exactly trine his Sun/Uranus/NN in Gemini and sextile his Moon in Sagittarius. Jupiter in aspect to his eclipse gives him an extreme advantage with all things related to justice and law. Especially since the United States’ Saturn is at 14  degrees Libra in the 10th house, almost exactly conjunct. Jupiter conjunct Saturn only happens once about every 20 years and is considered to be the most important conjunction in astrology.  This aspect alone is what got Trump elected, in the same exact time transit Jupiter is in Libra. (Trumps Jupiter return). Libra is the sign of truth and justice. Jupiter and Saturn in Libra represent righteousness and truth prevailing over evil. During the entire election, Trump was victorious over everything the enemy put out to destroy him.  Why? Because Jupiter in Libra is about being right, and he never did anything he was accused of. He kept winning over their lies. The balancing scales of Libra didn’t tilt against him, they tilted in favor of him because his foundation was truth.  Jupiter in Libra is showing how Americans are currently being blessed by Trump (his Jupiter)  because his will to put us back on our proper path  (Saturn in Libra 10th house).  And Its precisely through him (his Jupiter), that America is getting back on its proper path (Saturn in 10th) which will have great, far reaching, and permanent effects.

Mars is located at 26 Leo, just about conjunct his Ascendant at 29 Leo (royal star Regulus) which is even more reason to believe he is a good soul. Although Leo may have a large ego, a soul born with its prominence will have the potential for royalty. In Trumps case it is divine American royalty. I don’t think he understands just how important of a President he is going to be. Trump is the first president after the 2012 shift of the ages. He is the first Golden Age president here to set America back on her course into the light. He is doing all of this somewhat unconsciously.. he isn’t fully awake himself. But he is being driven by his higher self which created this presidential mission for him. With a well aspected, well placed Mars in the 1st house, he has amazing strength and energy.  Perhaps this is why he works so much and sleeps so little.. Mars in Leo is a great placement, but to also be conjunct his Ascendant on Regulus give it much more potency. It means that his personality has all the divine support and drive it could need to manifest on earth. With Mars energizing Regulus, nobody is going to match this level of power! Especially because again, his Mars is well aspected by his Sun/Moon/Uranus/Jupiter. He isn’t a violent or malicious person at all. He is just a strong but pleasant personality that has his ego based moments; Something we all suffer from.

His Mars/Ascendant is in opposition to the Moon in the United States chart at 27 Aquarius. This aspect which will be fully activated in the upcoming solar eclipse on August 21st 2017. The eclipse will be visible from the United States so it will directly affect this country. This aspect between Trump and the United States is about breaking free from the establishment which has hijacked most of the countries on earth, and which was attempting to hijack America as well. The Moon in Aquarius means the United States was created based on freedom, independence, and equality, and these will be our inner values forever. We are independent, free, and evolved and will not be ruled by corrupt leaders without our permission. Trump is mirroring this collective American emotion we share of being extremely independent. He is the authority figure of the new age stating they will continue to be free, and the values set in place will not be touched by any hand! Aquarius is the ultimate sign of freedom and Leo is the ultimate sign of Pride. Trump had to be born with a strong Leo placement in order to be powerful enough to mirror these American ideals. The only presidential soul that can allow America to be truly free and independent is someone who has acquired his own development from that very system. Trump stated himself:’America has given me so much, that I felt I finally had to give back’.

His Venus is conjunct Saturn at 24 Cancer in the 11th house. Generally unaspected but conjunct the United States’ retrograde Mercury exact in the 8th house and opposite Pluto at 27 Cancer in 2nd. At first glance this would have given me cause for alarm, because its activating the United States 8th house of death,  but because Trump’s chart is so well aspected, this synastry aspect is more about the wealth of the Country. It’s about how Trump is becoming responsible for Americas assets due to his own acquired wealth.  This aspect is also why Trump has some difficulties with women in his life. He expects the perfection of Saturn and nothing less and the same goes for his wealth.  We should see this financial aspect manifest when Saturn is at 27 Capricorn in a few years; Trump will be doing amazing things with Americas money during his presidency.

Finally, his Mercury is located at 8 Cancer in the 11th house, conjunct the  United States’ Venus/Jupiter/Sun in the 7th house. His Mercury in Cancer is square Neptune in Libra, the worst aspect in his chart. While being square in cardinal signs, he may speak before he really gives it proper thought. He definitely doesn’t have any structure when it comes to communicating. But he also transcended this aspect because he stated: ‘I have never taken drugs or consumed alcohol in my entire life’. That’s really impressive for a Mercury square Neptune native. Jupiter in the 7th for the United States means that we will never have a successful enemy. And Trump’s mind (Mercury) is currently being used to counteract (Jupiter in 7th) the souls who were trying to hijack the United states. So as unprofessional it may be, his Mercury square Neptune is very good.

Trump has a very positive chart, meaning he has very little negative aspects. Having a positive birth chart doesn’t always mean the person will be ‘good’, but in this particular situation it does. Because of the political eclipse involving  Uranus, trining Jupiter, and sextile Ascendant/Mars conjunct Regulus I cannot make any other conclusion but that he is truly an evolved soul who is on earth to help the collective evolution of America. Trump is very subconsciously aware of the ultimate destiny of America. With such prominent aspects involving Regulus, and no afflictions, it means that he was born to be a powerful and rich person that nothing can oppose. Trump isn’t wealthy because he wanted to have a life of luxury, he is wealthy because he needed to be in order to become a threat to the political establishment. This truth is a higher truth, and isn’t so apparent to people if they cannot see past the illusion of the material world. But it is the truth and the proof is how he spent his own money on his entire campaign. Proving that he did it his way, the right way, without being bribed.

With all of that being said, the destiny of America belongs to God. Its the very foundation for which our constitution and government was built upon, even if Americans aren’t aware of its divine origins. Donald Trump is simply a man of God who is here to reclaim what is his and this reclaiming will get more intense in the coming  years. More people will begin to see the truth in the mind control they have been under. Those who cannot see Trump for what his true mission is, and are only capable of seeing his faults, are simply victims to this mind control. The truth is none of us are perfect. But we become perfect when we realize making mistakes is apart of life. All that matters is we take steps to correct them by seeking righteousness at all costs. And by taking the steps necessary to align with Gods love and truth, Trump was seen as the proper candidate to win. Anyone who opposes Trump opposes Gods mission through him. However this evil cannot truly oppose the light, it can only try. It tried desperately to win this historical election, but failed. Its time for Americans to wake up to this truth if they too do not want to fail in God’s divine plan for the earth.



Ex-Vice President Joe Biden is a Pedophile

Although it may be disturbing to some, many are realizing that Joe Biden, the ex vice president of the USA is a pedophile. However because this truth is very taboo and disturbing, it is being suppressed by the main stream media and people aren’t giving it the attention it deserves. Many do not want to think Joe Biden can do such a thing; he being so classy at first appearance.. But for those who can see and understand astrological influences, they can search for what the truth is. So is Joe Biden a good person or is he truly a pedophile? His chart will show us…

The first clue in favor of evil influences are the Scorpio planets in the 12th house of secrets. The 12th house governs secret activities that the outer world does not generally notice. The more planets in a house, the more energy and activity involved. He has Mercury, Sun, Venus, and Mars all in Scorpio; the darkest planet in the zodiac. Venus in Scorpio can be one of the most negative placements. Venus is not at home in Scorpio because of the death aspect to its manifestations. Scorpio is about the deepest issues humans confront.. rape, incest, murder, death, dark attractions etc. and Venus is about love and attraction. When these two energies merge together the result is someone who loves unhealthy things. What makes this dark attraction even stronger is Mars conjunct the 12th house cusp. Mars is sexual energy and his sexual energy is being expressed in dark ways people do not readily notice.

Now moving on to his exalted Moon in Taurus in the 5th house. It is squaring Pluto in Leo in the 8th house. Anytime we see the Moon squaring Pluto its a sign of intense abusive experiences in life. Since his Moon falls into the 5th house of children, it shows this experiences are related to when he was a child and also, all the children around him today. The exalted Moon shows how much comfort he gets from children, but the square to Pluto in the 8th shows an unhealthy attraction to them. The 8th house governs things we are deeply attracted to on a primal level. Pluto in Leo is about ego, and he gets intense ego boosts from them.

And then finally we have his asteroid Lucifer (evil influences) in Libra in the 11th house. It is squaring Jupiter in Cancer in his 8th house. Cancer governs young children, and Jupiter is luck and expansion. So he has an abundance of (jupiter) sexual experiences with young children (cancer). Asteroid Lucifer in Libra shows he has a romantic fascination with children that is directly related to his sexual obsession. He truly thinks they bring him positive energy. Lucifer in Libra has very dark experiences with romantic partners. In Biden’s case he thinks the children are his romantic partners.

So the conclusion I have given all the above aspects combined, is that Joe Biden is indeed a pedophile and hides it very well. He has all the right aspects going for him so that he gets away with it. His lucky Sagittarius ascendant is nicely hiding his dark Scorpio planets from view. While his elegant Neptune in Libra in the 10th gives others the false impression he is a righteous man. And his Jupiter trining his Scorpio stelliums gives his dark energies the powers they need to remain strong, as Jupiter is pure luck. Lets just hope people can start waking up to the truth astrology shows us. We must acknowledge the serious problem of pedophilia that is happening in our governments world wide.