Higher Self God Readings

by Amanda A.


I offer higher self readings which connect you from your current human reality to the higher truth of your being. I can shed light on all of your lifetimes on earth and what you have learned so far, and what you are still expected to do. I can provide exceptional clarity into your life purpose and situation and help you transcend any remaining karma quickly and accurately .

Please be aware that I will see everything about your current lifetime. Some things may be highly personal and uncomfortable. Most situations in life are, however I remain nonjudgmental and neutral in my approach to what I see. I do not connect to the lower human condition more than the higher nature of the spirit. I see things from a higher perspective. But its important that all situations be addressed in order for soul evolution to progress rapidly, especially during these times; this is what makes my readings different from others.

If interested it costs 40$ per reading. Please email me your details to siriusstar333@gmail.com.

I look forward to helping you eliminate what is no longer beneficial in your life.