Asteroid Lucifer in the Houses



Asteroid Lucifer (1930) – Represents evil in our lives. Know where it manifests in order to slay the devil so the light may take it place.



Lucifer is the 1st house – the physical appearance is a source of evil in them. They may be very conceited or full of vanity. The appearance is highly important to them.


Lucifer in the 2nd house – Will do anything to make money to feel secure. Possibly has done underhand activities to achieve money, and feels okay about it.


Lucifer in the 3rd house – The mind may go to places that are very dark. This person may like to manipulate peoples minds with their own. May do underhand journalism or writing.


Lucifer in the 4th house – The home life and family life were a source of testing and pain. It may have been very dysfunctional growing up.


Lucifer in the 5th house – May have had Underhand activities with children or as a child.


Lucifer in the 6th house – This person may destroy their health out of their own choices.


Lucifer in the 7th house – The spouse is a source of any underhand activity. If the person experiences Lucifer’s energy at all, which is evil.. it will be because of the spouse. There could be deception.


Lucifer in the 8th house – This person benefited from other people’s money at one point. May have deeply intimate experiences such as sex with people who are rich or wealthy. May want to marry for money.


Lucifer in the 9th house – This person may have to travel for underhand activity.


Lucifer in the 10th house – This person will do anything to be successful in the chosen career. Wants to be seen as powerful. Wants to take full advantage of their fame by manipulating people.


Lucifer in the 11th house – This person may have done something bad to multiple friends.


Lucifer in the 12th house – This person has secrets. They are hiding something they did and will never speak of it.