How to Conquer Evil: Part 1

by Amanda A.


Evil has many qualities and manifestations but the most important fact about evil is that it keeps us separated from the majesty and love of God. Although only a few living on earth today can truly comprehend what this means, it is a fact and the only way for it to be addressed is for us to have a conscious realization of what is causing the separation God.

First, lets discuss what it means to be at one with God. In this state of being, we are divine, immortal, perfectly beautiful, perfect speech, perfect thoughts, perfect feelings, etc. We would be unable to die while being one with God while on earth, because we would be living how God intended us to live; death wouldn’t have a reason for being. We would have completed the purpose on incarnating on the planet: To manifest our perfection on Earth as we are in heaven.

Since we do not have tangible proof that we exist after we die it is hard for many to make solid realizations about what it means to be in heaven. The truth is that when we die and leave our body, the divine mind and love of our being stops the heart from beating and ascends into the higher dimensions where only love exists. We are still conscious in heaven and understand things much clearer then we do while on earth. A major test from God is to see who can overcome the hardships of human life and discover the truth while going through this maze.

It is a beautiful thing to discover the truth about yourself, all beings, and all creatures. It opens the heart and expands divine love into your conscious mind. And divine love is exactly what is needed today and is the most important tool to fight evil. You may wonder, how can I love myself? I don’t like myself. This is understandable. The reason you don’t like or love yourself is because you do not know the truth about yourself. Once you discover that your true essence is the ‘I Am Presence’ and that you existed before whatever experiences you have had in this lifetime, things become much clearer and you are able to heal yourself profoundly of any sin which is what separates us from the divine. And to be separated from God causes pain in a unconscious way for many.

So let me proceed to give guidelines on how to once again become one with your immortal spirit which is God:

1. You must have a healthy income. Even though the monetary system of our world is corrupt, we have to still abide by the rules. Don’t create shortcuts, cheat, or steal to have money in any way. Work for your money in anyway you can. This is a pure root chakra.

2. We must take care of our body(temple). Preferably do not consume animals. If you must make sure the animals weren’t abused because eating this causes karma for yourself. Not only spiritual wise but body wise. Try to avoid GMO because this ruins our DNA. Avoid soda and junk food. Be good to your body because it is alive and wants you to send it love everyday. This is also to Root Chakra.

3.We have to abstain from having sexual relationships with those who aren’t in our heart. And we must never misuse our sexual organs for selfish gain. Do not create addictions to anything including alcohol or drugs which is a major separator; in Heaven we are not high or drunk. This is the Sacral Chakra.

4. We must not let the person we are in this lifetime become all that we know about ourselves. We have to separate ourselves from the human and unite ourselves with our divinity once again. Whoever you are in this life, good or bad, doesn’t matter anymore. All that matters now is remembering that you have to bring your divinity onto the earth through your physical body. And to do this you must release the human. Its a matter of letting go and saying that you are allowing the higher mind and heart of your being to come in and take over. Do not be bothered with the appearances of the entertainment industry. If anyone should be idolized it should be Jesus for his mission and his status of achieving God reality on Earth. This is true for all Ascended Masters.   This is the Solar Plexus Chakra.

5.We have to evolve from any pain we have been through. The way to do this is to accept that all this life is a test, and nobody is worse or better than another. If you are rich or poor beautiful or unattractive none of this matters. All that matters is that you manifest your divinity through whatever circumstances you are in at this moment in time. Divine love is truly conquering and evil feeds off of pain and hurt. The I Am presence that everyone has access to is all the love and healing we could ever need. The worse criminal in the world would be forgiven if this person turned to God and wanted to be healed. It doesn’t matter anymore what we have done or seen, what hurt us or what shaped us. This is the Heart Chakra.

6.We must keep our speech pure. That means no cursing, yelling or hatred with Gods voice. We have to give our voice back to God. When I go to youtube and look at comments people make, I feel so sad that the majority of people use such foul language to communicate all the time, even at work people are normally using bad language. This is not the correct way we should be using our voices and thoughts. Being as you are on earth as in heaven means not using words that only exists on earth. You only speak in the way you would speak in heaven. Can you imagine how that would be? You would only be talking with pure love. By keeping your voice pure, you can research decrees and mantras given by the Ascended Masters, especially Saint Germain who governs the Violet Flame. Doing this will allow God to manifest rapidly in your life. Because ‘in the beginning was the word’ means that if you voice a request, and that request is for you to become one with God, all the divine power in the universe is going to rush to make this a reality for you. Wouldn’t you want to request that as opposed to more human stuff that doesn’t matter? Also note that you must keep away from all impure music. Music is extremely influential not only in a conscious way but an unconscious way. Beware of mainstream music. This is the Throat Chakra.

7.We have to start recognizing truth. We must not fall victim to appearances and lies of any aspect of this material world. To recognize that pretty much everything is seeking to keep you from being God on earth is very difficult for most, this is evil thinking it is going to win. But you have to ask questions and seek answers. The most important one being. “Who am I and what am I doing on this planet” And others such as “What is a planet”,”Why do we exist”, ‘What are we doing here ?’. This is the Third Eye Chakra.

8.Finally, we must remember that a higher aspect of ourselves exists and it has always been there even in the worse of times and the best of times. The higher self is where all healing, love, and light can be found. It cannot be found in any other source. Not a romantic relationship, money, or career. It is always there no matter what we do and cant be touched by human ways. It waits patiently for us to remember it, once remembered consciously begins to fan its perfection into the earth element as Jeus demonstrated. We have to understand the truth of Jesus Christs mission and not be led astray by the lies we have been fed. This is the Crown Chakra.

In time I will share more about the perfect essence of our true nature, the beautiful love wanting to manifest in all of us and much more.