Oscar Pistorius is Guilty of Premeditated Murder

by Amanda A.

The case of Oscar Pistorius and his Slayed girlfriend, Reeva Steenkamp has swayed me. Like all cases of crime such as this, the suspects are given a fair trial. However, as most have discovered, the legal system isn’t always delivering proper justice to these wrongdoers. And that’s how I particularly feel about this case. Oscar was released on bail, because the judge determined he had presented enough evidence to suggest it wasn’t something he intended to do. The legal system in my opinion, is based on the mind without any use of the heart. And that is due to inflict severe harm on a persons sense of judgment, as even though they know someone may be guilty, they cannot allow that truth to prevail, because we live in a deceiving world. The motto is innocent until proven guilty, but the thing is, that even if you are guilty, sometimes you cannot prove that guilt, just as much as someone cannot prove they are innocent. So it is my vision and my will, that I share with others the power astrology has to truly probe a person’s character. I want to probe the dynamics of the suspects relationship with the victim. Is Oscar capable of such a crime? I’ve been deeply disturbed by the reports of Oscar being a good person. They say that he is not capable of such a crime, but only if these same individuals knew what I know about Oscars true self. Oscar has an Air ascendant; Nicely hiding his tumultuous inner nature that is crippled with pain and adversity.


The first thing that stands out in Oscars birth chart, is that this man has Venus at 5 Scorpio Retrograde conjunct Pluto at 8 Scorpio! This aspect is squaring his Moon in Leo square his MC. This shows us that Oscar experienced DEEP trauma from the loss of his mother. The deepest pain imaginable. It threw his emotional life into a tail spin. He turned the pain into something of an ambition. He wanted to achieve fame at any cost due to these events. Given that Venus/Pluto is so maliciously placed in the 10th house of fame, and given that Saturn is now occupying this part of his chart, I’m afraid to admit Oscar was destined to be known for something as gruesome as murdering his lover. The positive of this aspect is that it brought him money and it transformed him in the eyes of the world. That is why Oscar was loved for his achievements. Now looking at his  Sun at 29 Scorpio in square aspect to Mars at 27 Aquarius, this shows he had an abusive relationship with his father. Perhaps, Oscar was so beat up about the loss of his mother, because his father was such a source of grief? And by her loss, felt victimized by the universe, and started to build a momentum of intense pain. Given the fact that Oscar has no legs, shows that inside he is not as calm as everyone thinks. Because as within so without, and Oscar experienced deep inner pain, and so his body will show that deep inner pain by having manifested in his outer world. The fact that he has no legs, and was able to be an olympian is testimony to the severe nature of his life force and energy and the things he is capable of.


After looking at Oscars birth chart and affirming that he is indeed capable of premediatated murder, I no doubt had to take a look at his victims energy. Of course, Reeva Steinkamp was absolutely Vibrant. This woman was interally balanced, beautiful, and healthy. Her Sun at 25 Leo was in Harmounous aspect to Neptune at 26 Sagittarius, Pluto at 27 Libra and Saturn at 29 Libra. What a beautiful threat to such an imbalanced man. Her Sun being so harmoniously aspected, while his Sun and Mars are not. He was enraged by her luminosity deep down. And she had given him a chance, because his Venus/Pluto was square her Mars and His Moon. And yet, I still cannot see what she saw in him or why she gave him a chance other than this sexual attraction. Because this sexual attraction wasn’t all it seemed to be to her. He was very good at hiding his true self. Let’s keep in mind that they were only dating since November 2012. Right after Saturn moved into Scorpio. Was this destiny? Is this why Reeva gave him a chance? Was her time approaching? That is the only reason I can give for why this woman was drawn to him. She had Aphrodite conjunct North Node in Gemini, which shows her destiny was to be a beauty.

I feel what really happened that night, is that Reeva and Oscar were having disagreements. I feel that his jealousy was starting to show, and Reeva was beginning to pull back. Oscar felt that she was most likely not going to be around him much longer, and he knew that he didn’t deserve her. She would have been in fact the best thing that ever happened to him, and he knew it. Unfortunately for Oscar, his mothers passing had deeply ruined his ability to love a woman normally. He feels deep down that he will be abandoned just like his mother abandoned him through death. And so when he started to manifest those feelings, this beautiful woman, who had given him a chance, who he had fallen deeply for, was about to be no longer his own. He didn’t want to think about her being with another man, and that is what caused him to kill her. What gave him the power to pull the trigger, was his pride. He would have rather had her dead, then for her to be alive and happy with someone else. That way, he could be happy knowing that nobody would be with her. and was willing to sacrifice her life and his very own, in the name of that love. My friends, this is the truth about Oscar.

At the end of the day, Reeva Steenkamp’s soul is free. She is not going to suffer from this. Oscar can get any type of conviction the human courts will render, but the only court of law he need worry about is the court of the law of karma. This man took away a life stream from planet earth and caused deep pain to her loved one’s. This event will not go unbalanced. So Oscar, you can continue to hide your true self from the public and make people think you are a good person. But an astrologer knows better, and it’s a shame that society isn’t yet at a level where we can probe people like this. Imagine? People would be rightly charged on every account. One can only dream. But until then, I am content with the fact that I know what truly happened between them, and I send my love to Reeva’s presence and I will continue to fight in freedoms name, and hope that true justice will start to prevail this world.

In Love & Light